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“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of

thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein


Problem Solving: A mental process that involves anticipating, diagnosing, analyzing and resolving problems.

Problem solving is one of the most important contributions people make in their organizations, communities and homes. In its broadest sense, problem solving is all about progress. It includes anticipating changes that need to be made in the future and addressing challenges that exist today. All continuous improvements, innovations and products/services emerge from problem solving. Since problem solving is a critical skill across all areas of life, we need to understand its four important components:

  1. Problem Solving Methodology
  2. Problem Solving Skills
  3. Problem Solving Tools
  4. Problem Solving Obstacles

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying a child when you grow up.” — Picasso

Creativity: Adapting traditional or devising new approaches, concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technologies and/or systems.

Many of us think of creativity as something that artists, musicians and writers are gifted with doing and the rest of us are unproductive, unoriginal, and unimaginative. This is a myth! Creativity is just as relevant in the marketplace as in the art galleries. Creativity is the hallmark of problem-solving, continuous improvement and strategic thinking. [Read more…]

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