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customer service

I once heard of a family-owned retail chain CEO who would make random appearances in his stores. Nearly every time he visited a store, he would exhort the staff, “Treat the customers like gold.” This CEO understood a very important principle:

The experience customers had with his staff would determine the success of his company.

This principle is true for every industry. If a company’s customers aren’t happy, it’s only a matter of time before that business fails. Customers don’t want to hear about constraining processes, company roles or departmental divisions.  They only care about getting their needs met in an emotionally gratifying manner.  More significantly, your customer’s experiences of how you meet their wants and needs become your company’s reputation.

Operating business from customer-centric perspective takes humility and courage.  It requires us to expand our focus beyond just our internal operating procedures to see ourselves through our customer’s eyes. [Read more…]

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