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 “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
Nelson Mandela

“Toyota’s 2009 recall catastrophe involving unintentional acceleration covered over 6.5 million vehicles. The crisis “brought the company back to reality. After a failed attempt at brushing off its customers’ complaints as ill-founded, Toyota President Akio Toyoda admitted that Toyota had become too big and distant from its customers and, using a line from management guru Jim Collins, he said Toyota was in an advanced state of decline, and was “grasping for salvation.” Since then, Toyota has become less cocky, gradually rebuilding the faith among its customer base, cutting costs, and going through a back-to-basics overhaul of product development. In the fall of 2012, Toyota announced a recall involving 7.4 million vehicles involving the power window switch. Unlike the disaster in 2009, the company was proactive—getting the story out early, putting its customers first, and controlling its outcome.”[i] That Toyota outranked all competitors in the 2014 Consumer Reports Car-Brand Perception survey is an amazing testimony to their adaptability and resurgence in the aftermath of adversity. [Read more…]

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