When to Use On-line Training

On-line training is a great methodology when you want to transfer specific and consistent learning outcomes to a large group of participants with excellence and consistency. On-line training can be combined with classroom experiential learning when live interaction is important, such as team building  In hybrid learning, basic concepts are conveyed through the on-line modality and follow-up practice and experiential learning is incorporated in the classroom.

In the demo module we’ve provided, our client asked new employees to complete their one hour New Employee Servant Leadership On-Line training prior to entering their classroom orientation program. Throughout the classroom orientation program, our online training is referenced and reinforced with exercises and discussion.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Best in class curriculum design
  • Dynamic, interactive, and engaging platform
  • Consistency and Sustainability of learning
  • Affordable, with unlimited reusability
  • Flexible and Convenient (globally)
  • Customized learning experience for your organization


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