Nathanael White’s Story
Public Relations Manager


Nathanael’s passion is to see individuals, families, cities, and nations fulfill their greatest potential. This passion drove Nathanael to work in ministry and counseling for several years until he discovered a natural fit with writing, training, and coaching.

Since this discovery, Nathanael has worked for the last three years honing these skills by working primarily as a ghostwriter and editor while also volunteering in various training positions and receiving training as a coach. During this time, he has written or helped produce more than fifteen books, twelve curriculums and study guides, and seven hundred articles across numerous genres. Propelling these skills is Nathanael’s natural ability to see under the surface of a matter, demonstrated in the ability to express someone’s heart often better than they can.

Nathanael now works for Blueprint Leadership, helping to develop training materials and ensure effective communication. In doing this, he finds satisfaction from the unique mix of opportunities granted to him—writing for and training servant leaders who influence individuals, families, cities, and maybe even nations toward their greatest potential.

Nathanael lives in southern Minnesota with his incredible wife and their five children.

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