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Diane understands that the highest level of need in every person’s life is to make a difference in the world around them. That is why she has chosen, “Building Organizations that Change the World,” as the motto and mission for Blueprint Leadership. As she uses her skills to empower organizations to meet this need, she simultaneously fulfills her mission to make a difference in the world.

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Creativity & Innovation: Engaging Your Whole Mind

“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying a child when you grow up.” - Picasso Many of us believe that gifts of creativity belong to artists, musicians, and writers, and the rest of us are unoriginal and unimaginative. This is a myth! Creativity holds just as...

Empathy: Seeing through the Lens of Others

Empathy - the ability to identify with and care about others by seeing and understanding the world through their eyes. Serving the customer is the sole reason a business exists. The success equation is pretty simple: No customers, no business. On the other hand, when...

Healthy Conflict: A Backbone without Pride

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela A growing organization that was thought to be revolutionary in its field of research had a thorn in its side. The VP of R&D and the VP of operations could not even look one another in the eye. Each...


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Blueprint Signature Assessment

Experience More Freedom With Your Team!

At Blueprint Leadership, we help you identify the specific talents required to create a strong performance “FIT” between your team and your company’s unique mission. Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, our assessment examines the Behaviors individuals bring to the job, the Motivators that drive them, the Acumen to do the job and the Competencies required to perform.

This assessment is utilized by over 100,000 companies across 90 countries and 40 languages. It is one of the most highly validated assessments on the market to support and optimize your Talent Manage System (selection, on-boarding, teambuilding, coaching, performance enhancement, career development and/or succession planning). No other assessment in the marketplace integrates behaviors, motivators, acumen and competencies into one comprehensive, easy to use, on-line instrument.


by Diane Kucala

The Inner Compass: 

14 Leadership Secrets to Finding Your True North

Many leaders lead by what they do. The best leaders also lead by who they are. In The Inner Compass, author, coach, and leadership expert Diane Kucala explains and illustrates fourteen character traits found in the best leaders. Each chapter is powerfully and simply written with busy professionals in mind to equip them to take their leadership to the highest level.Each page reveals transformational mindsets, including: • The true power of leadership starts with the character of the leader • Even people of character make mistakes, but having character means they can always get pointed in the right direction again • Leaders of character inspire those around them to contribute their best, which brings greater results, happier workplaces, and increased possibilities for the future • There are many examples of leaders with character, despite the common reputation business leaders have • And many more! The Inner Compass is a resource you will return to for years, reminding you of what is possible for leaders with character. Using this book as a practical guide, your business and leadership will experience radical transformation. Most importantly, The Inner Compass will become just that—inward character traits you truly possess, not simply more tricks or tips you have to remember. These will become part of who you are, helping you always stay aligned with your True North.

Blueprint Leadership:

100 All Time Best Leadership Quotes

“Blueprint Leadership: 100 All Time Best Leadership Quotes” is a compilation of 100 Essential Attributes of Great Leaders paired with an inspirational Great Leader quote and illustrated by a collection of high quality photos. This unique approach makes the book intellectually stimulating, emotionally motivating and visually appealing. This book will inspire and challenge you to lead with greatness at work and at home. You can also utilize it to encourage and grow leadership strength in others — including people you lead at work and home. Enjoy and pass the wisdom along!