Regardless of the size, industry, or product-mix of an organization, there are unique skills, talents and abilities that each job requires in order for the organization to be most effective. No employee excels at all of them. In hiring, forming team, and succession planning, it is important to match the most important skills, talents and abilities required by the job with the candidate that best exemplifies those abilities. We utilize a Talent Assessment that helps define these attributes, as well as many others:

Strategic Integration Defining and communicating company visions, mission, values & strategy and integrating/aligning those across the organization
• Strategic Planning
• Customer Acumen
• Product/Service Portfolio Decision-making
• Conceptual and Integrative Thinking
• Managing Change
• Establishing Organizational Culture
• Continuous Learning

Operational Excellence Executing strategy by creating efficient infrastructures and implementing strategy through people
• Accountability for Results
• Goal and Performance Management
• Infrastructure Development
• Problem Solving
• Continuous Improvement
• Resilience
• Metrics and Reporting

Relationship Ability Enable and Equip high performance and organizational success
• Authenticity
• Building Trust
• Communication Skills
• Interpersonal Ability
• Influence
• Leading Others
• Developing Others
• Team Building
• Conflict Management

We utilize a TRIO assessment that provides quantitative and reliable (EEOC approved) data regarding candidate ability to perform well in these and other important areas. Organizations that invest in assessments for pre-hire, onboarding, team development and succession planning reduce the risk and pain of having to unwind poor hiring decisions. Our assessment and benchmarking process (see the “Bench Strength starts with a Benchmark”) generates a job profile and candidate profile to determine the FIT between what the job needs (profile) and what a candidate/employee brings to the job (candidate profile). Our assessment provides insights about candidates profiles that are difficult or impossible to uncover in an interview.

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