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One of my all time favorite leadership experts is John Maxwell. I refer to him as the “leader of leaders.” Just recently John spoke at a Servant Leadership conference in San Diego. Favor fell upon me and I got the privilege and honor of capturing a photo opportunity with my long admired mentor.

One of my favorite leadership lessons from John Maxwell centers on the topic of Blind Spots. A blind spot is “an area in the lives of people in which they continually do not see themselves or their situation realistically.” Blind spots usually refer to areas where we misinterpret our ability and are “blind” to the negative implications that our behaviors have on others. All of us have blind spots. If you think you don’t…it is a Blind Spot!

This reminds me of driving a car. You become keenly aware of blind spots when a vehicle ahead of you starts veering into your lane, unaware that your car is within inches of his back tire. On the road, we can alert a driver who is caught by a blind spot by tapping (or pressing compulsively) on the horn. Too often, though, in our careers, we do not receive this kind of immediate and auditory feedback.

There are many ways to identify our leadership Blind Spots at work. Here are a few examples:
• Ask your spouse or a long-time trusted advisor
• Conduct a 360-degree survey asking people to identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Take our Talent Journey Assessment to uncover both strengths and Blind Spots

Blind Spots by definition are areas of your life that you don’t see, yet they can profoundly impact your ability to influence, achieve, and get results. We all have Blind Spots. Why let them inhibit your career? Have the courage to open your eyes to your Blind Spots today.

Try out our COMPLIMENTARY TALENT INSIGHTS assessment today! We are confident you’ll discover something new about yourself and will see!

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