As you enter into 2020, we are all challenged to “do more.”  
How can we keep up with the faster pace and chronic expectation to produce more?  
The secret lies in getting comfortable with imperfection.  And, that isn’t an excuse to be sloppy, careless or unreliable.  
Sometimes, we need to muster up some discipline to put the brakes on planning and thinking, so we don’t miss the most important opportunities in front of us.  
What if you challenged yourself to spend at least 1 hour of “doing” in your schedule for every hour of “planning” … or commit to an hour of doing for every two hours spent learning?  
What would happen if you allowed your planning and learning to emerge through doing, not sequentially, but experientially.  
Yes, you may make some mistakes. Yes, there are times that planning may pay dividends. But, let’s not get stuck in black and white thinking.  There is proper balance. Yet, I think, too many of us use planning as an excuse not to put ourselves out there and take a swing at opportunity.  
No one becomes a home run hitter by sitting in the back room studying tapes.  At some point, you have to step up to the plate and take a swing.  The more times you swing, the quicker you can figure out if you’re talented. And, more importantly, if you are passionate about the game.  
Sometimes the best thing you can do is fail fast as you explore personal passions.  
In the game of life, winners find the convergence of their talents and passions where they can truly serve others.  
In 2020, I say, take more swings…and see what emerges.