Regardless of the size, industry, or product-mix of an organization, there are three equally important Leadership Competencies to be mastered for an organization to reach its greatest potential.  The three perspectives balanced within an organization will yield results that unbalanced organizations could never attain.   The Three Critical Leadership Competencies are: imageJuly_Page_2 A simple internet search will yield thousands of results for books, articles and seminars describing each one of these thinking dimensions.  Business gurus tend to specialize within one of the three areas.  It is clear, however, that ALL THREE thinking perspectives are essential for full organizational success.  Blueprint LEADERSHIP offers leaders insight into how to leverage and develop all three of these critical thinking perspectives within a team or organization.  We have found that most organizations (and almost all leaders) demonstrate strength in one or two of these dimensions and weakness in the third.  A simple, clear definition of what each thinking dimension entails will help to identify which are currently strengths in your organization:
  1. Strategic Integration focuses on future possibilities and integration of the whole organizational structure.  Leaders strong in strategic thinking are quick to evaluate market trends, technology changes, demographic shifts, etc. in terms of future impact on the organization.  They take a “helicopter approach” and see the big picture, including how the operational parts of the business fit together.
  2.  Operational Excellence focuses on the practical elements of the business.  Leaders strong in operational thinking adeptly assess people and processes; they maximize resources for efficiency and results.  Such leaders emerge themselves within the organization, focusing on the day to day execution of strategy and goals.
  3.  Relationship Ability focuses on selecting, motivating, developing, and retaining high performance at individual, team, and organizational levels.  Leaders that are strong in this thinking dimension earn people’s respect and followership.  They take a tribal view of the organization.  Understanding individual, team, and organizational needs.  They motivate, encourage, equip and develop people and teams to contribute their best toward the organization’s strategy and mission.
A foundational knowledge of these three thinking perspectives provides the platform for practical application.  Some good questions to ask in assessing your organization include: Where are you strong/weak as a leader?
  1. How can you utilize the strengths of teammates to compliment what you do well?
  2. Where is your team strong/weak?
  3. What do you need to develop or supplement within your team to achieve higher performance?
  4. Where is your organization strong/weak?
  5. How can the organization’s weakness be strengthened (e.g., leverage/develop those that demonstrate strength in your weak area or hire it in from outside)?
Effective leaders continually search for ways to improve their organization, internally and externally.  The combination of these three perspectives provides that opportunity.  Our Blueprint LEADERSHIP team specializes in coming alongside you to help diagnose, utilize and develop mastery of all three critical leadership competencies at the individual, team and organizational level. Check out our website to learn how:

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