decision   What’s the toughest decision you’ve made recently? When it comes to business, our decisions can have a wide-reaching impact. That can make us cringe at the thought of making a judgment call. However, we hear some of the most well-known leaders announcing major decisions every day.  

A History of Powerful Business Decisions

One of best examples we use when discussing successful decision-making dates back more than 100 years. It was in 1914 when Henry Ford decided to double the income of his workforce and make significant changes to improve working conditions. It was called “an act of generosity,” as workers were deemed to be more than an expense, and seen an investment in the company’s future. The outcome boosted productivity and profits. Can you imagine making such a monumental decision? Like Amazon’s $13.7 acquisition of Whole Foods? Or Google’s $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube? When it has such massive impact, we definitely hear about the decision—and its risks and rewards. While these executives have a team helping them shape the decision, the final call comes down to them. This is some serious pressure!  

Practice This Decision-Making Process

You might be surprised to know that, for many of these executives, this sharp decision-making process becomes almost instinctual. Most of the time, it’s a combination of good data, the right people and intuition. These leaders have been at it long enough to trust their gut based on the information they have available and confidently move forward with decisions that impact employees, teams and organizations. That’s because they’ve mastered the art—and the skill—of the practice. While they’ve accumulated both positive and negative experiences over the years to help guide the way, they’ve also learned to seamlessly apply a process that works. Want to learn six steps to courageous decision-making? Download our guide here to better understand your strengths and the tendencies that jeopardize good decision-making. As you move forward in your career, this will be crucial to your success, as well as to the success of your organization. And when you’re faced with opportunity like Ford, you too can confidently make a decision that creates a better a world for all.  

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