When you’re looking to optimize the potential of your organization, three important perspectives need to be taken into account. These three perspectives can be summarized in the graph below:
New Picture (1)
1. Systems focuses on future possibilities and integration of the whole organizational structure. Organizations that are strong in strategic thinking are quick to evaluate market trends, technology changes, demographic shifts, etc. in terms of their future impact on the organization. They take a “helicopter approach” and see the big picture, including how the operational parts of the business fit together.

2. Operational Excellence focuses on the practical elements of the business. Organizations strong in operational thinking adeptly assess people and processes; they maximize resources for efficiency and results. They take a sky-scraper view of the organization, focusing on the day to day execution of strategy and goals.

3. Relationship Ability focuses on selecting, motivating, developing, and retaining high performance at individual, team, and organizational levels by developing caring relationships. Organizations that are strong in this thinking dimension earn people’s respect and followership. Understanding individual, team, and organizational needs, these organizations motivate, encourage, equip and develop people and teams to contribute their best toward the organization’s strategy and mission.

All organizations have relative strengths and weaknesses in each of these dimensions. The secret to success is maximizing the potential in all areas. To achieve this end, organizations are smart to establish a leadership team with strengths across these respective. Talent Journey’s comprehensive assessment process readily identifies leader and organizational strengths. Contact us for more information about how you can assess your organization and leadership team to optimize your organizational success. Also, we recommend that you get a copy of the “Answering the Central Question” book referenced in the newsletter. This book provides a comprehensive view of the three perspectives and the assessment measures we utilize.

Written by Diane Kucala at TJ Associates LLC. Copyright protected, all rights reserved worldwide. October 2011