“We believe in organization-wide leadership: passionately serving others to positively impact customers, the community, and the world.”

Diane Kucala, Founder and Chief Leadership Officer

Blueprint Leadership Purpose:

At Blueprint-Leadership, we believe that organizations are supposed to change the world. We work with you to identify the right people infrastructure and leadership culture to optimally support your business objectives. We are experts in people, team, and organization transformation!

Our Commitment to You:

We know that your blueprint for leadership is unique to your situation. We help you build a personalized leadership blueprint that best supports the world of customers you serve.


3D Blueprint Leadership:

Organizations must develop at the Self Leadership, Team Leadership, and Organizational Leadership levels to maximize effectiveness. We help leaders understand their servant, steward and ambassador roles as we build the competencies needed for success:

  • Strategic Impact – establishing purpose and being an ambassador for the company and customers
  • Operational Excellence – executing solutions through people and being a good steward of all resources
  • Relational Proficiency – exhibiting character with interpersonal poise and serving the best interest of others


Blueprint Leadership provides the foundation, structures, and architecture to build greatness. WHAT WE DO

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