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Between lack of access to healthcare, environmental stress and economic disparity, we are acutely aware of the issues plaguing the world today. Most of us understand how our own behaviors and decisions can create some degree of change. Yet determining how to solve these problems on a larger scale requires a level of dedication, knowledge and skill. That takes a certain person, a leader who consciously chooses to be part of the solution and is committed to the responsibilities to achieve it.


Problem-Solving Requires Technical Skills and Leadership Skills

Blueprint Leadership’s approach differentiates between the technical hard skills that give you a foundation of important knowledge and the leadership skills that help you influence and make an impact on the world. This two-pronged approach is often overlooked, and it’s one that truly separates leaders working for change from the people who perform tasks. We believe it’s the role of current leaders to empower next-gen leaders to bring forth their technical and innovative skills to lead this revolution of change. These leaders have grown up in a digital age that has seen technology progress faster than ever before, while simultaneously seeing mounting challenges, some having potentially devastating effects on our world.


Millennials Name the World’s Top 10 Problems

What are those challenges specifically? The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Survey 2017 ranked the 10 most critical problems in the world according to millennials:

  • climate change and the destruction of nature
  • large-scale conflicts and wars
  • inequality related to income and discrimination
  • poverty
  • religious conflicts
  • government accountability and corruption
  • food and water security
  • lack of education
  • safety and well-being
  • lack of opportunity and employment


The Three Powerful Traits Next-Generation Leaders Possess

What makes us so certain next-gen leaders can tackle these challenges? We see three key aspects converging at the forefront of this group. First, our next-gen leaders bring a comprehension of technology and comfort with innovation that opens them up to even more possibilities. This mindset will change the face of many structures in our world, whether it’s healthcare or poverty or education. Next-gen leaders believe anything is possible, and they’ve seen the rapidity of change to believe it is all within their reach.   

The second aspect is their commitment to collaboration. Nobody’s a lone ranger in solving these massive problems, and next-gen leaders understand there’s power in diversity. As with the major breakthroughs experienced during the Renaissance, collaboration requires a partnership of people across vocations, industries and specialties, and opening the floor to diverse perspectives. We’re confident this propensity of emerging leaders positions them well to demolish structures that no longer serve our nation—such as today’s Medicare or insurance systems—and recreate them.

The third and final aspect is passion. It’s exhilarating to work with next-gen leaders and see how deeply they care about making the world a better place. It’s not just lip service. It’s in their hearts—and their DNA. They are prepared to invest themselves, their time and their money in these issues, to bring justice to the world.


MIT’s Solve Takes on These Global Issues

This group addresses the most pressing issues from an entrepreneurial standpoint, and challenges leaders to propose tech-related solutions that are feasible, sustainable, scalable and innovative, giving them the ability to make a long-lasting impact on people’s lives. With Solve’s commitment to support and fund these global issues, we can rethink, respond and rebuild a better future.

By seeing problems as opportunities, let’s apply this millennial mindset (technology, collaboration and passion) to everyday challenges within our teams, our organizations and our lives. Let’s redefine, transform and rebuild systems and structures that improve the quality of life for communities across the world. 



Worldwide Copyright TJ Associates, LLC DBA Blueprint Leadership Diane Kucala, April 2019

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