New Picture (2)As more and more organizations are expanding into global markets, working 24/7, and becoming leaner, HR business systems must also include innovation and work round the clock with fewer resources. Moving some of your training solutions to an on-line platform is one way to optimize training dollars while better serving the changing needs of your business.

What is On-line Training?
On-line training is delivered on the internet and can be completed by participants whenever it fits into their schedules, 12 hours per day. Great on-line training includes all of the following elements:
• Sr. Leadership Voice. Through video, audio and text, our online modules capture the voice of today’s senior leadership.
• Rich content. We help you streamline training to ensure it is potent, concise and relevant.
• Engaging interaction. We build exercises and interactions to ensure the learner is both learning and enjoying the learning experience.
• Learning Assessment. We incorporate exercises, quizzes, games and/or simulations to ensure learners master the training objectives.

When do you use on-Line training?
On-line training is a great methodology to use when you want to transfer specific and consistent learning outcomes to a large group of participants with excellence and consistency. On-line training can be combined with classroom experiential learning when live interaction is important, such as teambuilding. In hybrid learning, basic concepts are conveyed through the on-line modality and follow-up practice and experiential learning is incorporated in the classroom.

What Are the Benefits of Talent Journey’s On-Line Training?
• Best in class curriculum design
• Dynamic, interactive, and engaging platform
• Consistency and Sustainability of learning
• Affordable, with unlimited reusability
• Flexible and Convenient (globally)
• Customized learning experience for your organization

Talent Journey can help!

Our team can help you design, develop and implement on-line training in your organization. Our team consists of expert curriculum and graphic designers, programmers, voice over specialists and technology experts.

As an example, we created a New Employee Orientation Program called “Servant Leadership” for Clarient, a GE Healthcare Company. A sample of the online training is available by entering this URL:

Our demo client asked new employees to complete their one hour New Employee Servant Leadership training prior to initiating their classroom orientation program. Throughout the classroom orientation program, this online training is referenced and reinforced with interactive exercises and discussion.

Contact us to explore On-Line training curriculum for your organization. We’d love to partner with you in creating customized, impactful and sustainable online training to meet your organizational needs.

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