Diane Kucala’s Story Founder and Chief Leadership Officer

Diane Kucala was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She believes that the keys to a happy and fulfilled life are a values-based character, solid relationships, a strong work ethic, community focus and continuous learning. So is dreaming big. For Diane, these same attributes characterize the great leaders of today. Diane began her career in Customer Service at the American Express Financial Corporation (AEFC) in downtown Minneapolis. She quickly climbed up the management ladder, recognized by AEFC for her high potential and leadership capabilities. Later, AEFC supported Diane’s master’s degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. After getting her degree, Diane relocated to San Diego, California, and began her fourteen-year career with a highly esteemed global pharmaceutical company that would become Guidant Corporation. Diane took on a number of strategic human resource leadership roles, including talent management, technical and professional training, and executive development. She led the launch of Guidant’s first “Work/Life” program, which later grew into a strategic “Diversity and Inclusion” role seeking to heighten patient empathy within healthcare services. In July 2005, Diane launched her company, the Talent Journey, later renamed Blueprint Leadership (BPL). Blueprint Leadership equips company-wide leaders (at the individual, team and corporate level) to align cross-functionally to the needs of customers. BPL’s primary focus is leadership. The company provides a comprehensive and holistic blueprint for aligning the unique mission, strategy, culture and strengths of individuals and teams to achieve the corporate mission. Over the past decade, Diane and her team have worked with several cutting-edge organizations, including Medtronic, GE, Foundation Medicine, NuVasive, USD and Freenome (to name a few). In the next evolution of Blueprint Leadership’s impact, the team is expanding their initiatives to serve the new generation leaders. This innovative program will include an online platform, making skill building accessible in bite size chucks for easy access anywhere, anytime. The program is personalized, comprehensive and designed to address the unique challenges in future leadership. Diane believes the next generation will have an instrumental role in resetting leadership and ushering in technical breakthroughs for unprecedented impact in the world. Diane is passionate about leadership. She understands that for true leaders making a difference in the world is essential, contributing their signature strengths and passions in pursuit of that impact.  Blueprint Leadership’s mantra is “Connect, Serve, Impact.”  By connecting and serving people, the world is impacted for good. By empowering organizations in this way, Diane fulfills her personal mission to impact the world. Credentials
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations
  • BA in Psychology
  • Executive and Professional Coaching Certification – University of Texas, Dallas (UTD)
  • ACC Accredited Coach
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA)
  • Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA)
  • Certified TriMetrix™ System with advanced coaching in Axiology