Diane Kucala’s Story
Founder and Chief Leadership Officer

Diane’s story begins with her Mid-Western roots. Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Diane grew up believing that values-based character, education, and experiences; strong work ethic; community-focus; and believing in your dreams are core ingredients to living a happy and fulfilled life. While her beliefs and passions have matured and evolved, fundamentally those are the same attributes she believes characterize great leaders of today.

Diane began her career working within Customer Service at American Express Financial Corporation (AEFC) in downtown Minneapolis. She was rapidly promoted into management and became one of the first champions of “self-directed” work teams. AEFC quickly recognized her leadership capabilities, identified her as “High Potential” and supported her completion of a master’s degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

At the completion of that program, Diane relocated to San Diego, California, and began her fourteen year career with the highly-esteemed global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company, which later divested the medical device divisions and became Guidant Corporation. Throughout her tenure, Diane served in a variety of strategic human resource leadership roles, including talent management, technical and professional training, and executive development. Diane led the launch of Guidant’s first Work/Life program, which later grew into a strategic Diversity and Inclusion department. For Diane, three key notable factors highlight her Eli Lilly/Guidant experience: development of meaningful relationships, rich leadership experiences, and the opportunity to impact the quality of patients’ lives.

In July 2005, Diane launched the Talent Journey. She had no desire to leave the corporate life and relationships she had developed, but felt compelled to extend her reach into diverse types of organizations. Talent Journey’s mission was to lead individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their organizational mission by selecting, engaging, aligning, and developing their collective potential.

In January 2013, Diane renamed her company Blueprint Leadership. Blueprint leadership is simply leading in such a way as to influence people to take action for the benefit of others. Partnered with a variety of biotech, healthcare, and medical device companies, as well as manufacturing/operations, retail, and educational institutions, Diane teaches, guides, and coaches leaders in building the inside-out transformational Blueprint Leadership Skills.

Diane combines leadership expertise, practical wisdom, and intuitive ability to identify the potential within people, teams, and organizations and to bring out their best. She excels in the following Blueprint Leadership change methodologies:

  • Leadership Advisor—diagnosing, teaching, coaching, and guiding inside-out leadership transformation
  • Facilitator—cultivating environments where adult learners challenge each other to think, behave, and grow to new heights
  • Experiential Learning—creating experiences that evoke inside-out awareness, mindset changes, and performance improvement
  • Coaching—driving performance improvement from good to great
  • Blueprint Tool Kit—delivering tools, exercises, and resources to build skill competencies

Diane understands that the highest level of need in every person’s life is to make a difference in the world around them. That is why she has chosen, “Building Organizations that Change the World,” as the motto and mission for Blueprint Leadership. As she uses her skills to empower organizations to meet this need, she simultaneously fulfills her mission to make a difference in the world.


  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations
  • BA in Psychology
  • Executive and Professional Coaching Certification – University of Texas, Dallas (UTD)
  • ACC Accredited Coach
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA)
  • Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA)
  • Certified TriMetrix™ System with advanced coaching in Axiology