What They Say About Us

“Diane has worked with the Ellipse team for many years. Her contribution is key to our development as leaders and the creation of a company culture that has become our identity. Diane doesn’t provide answers. Instead she helps us identify and focus on what’s important to us. Further, she creates a safe environment where we can see ourselves and our actions more clearly. In that way, Diane helps us identify the gaps between where we are today and where we need or want to be. Fundamentally, Diane helps us broaden our horizons, increase our own expectations, act on our areas of improvement and ultimately reach our aspirational goals.”
Ed Roschak, Ellipse

“Diane and the Blueprint team blew us away. We are a very science oriented company and have numerous team members who need data and metrics to support these types of programs. Diane’s ability to synthesize the various individual assessments and connect them to team behaviors was essential to the transformation of our team. They listened to our needs, prepared a program to focus on the organizational challenges we had and delivered a solid three days that not only helped create inertia for transformational changes in our organization, but also had a profound impact at the personal level as well.”
Ronnie Andrews, President Medical Sciences, Life Technologies

“Diane is a master at generating a safe and honoring learning environment, which enables team members to bring their authentic self forward and discuss real issues and opportunities. Diane commits herself to practical and sustainable learning that revolutionizes lives and teams in ways that empower them to become their best.”
Mike Pellini, CEO at Foundation Medicine

“We here at Clarient Pathology Services hired Diane and her team to help us do a talent assessment of each member of our 16 Pathologist group. I found Diane to be professional, compassionate, understanding, bright and a pleasure to work with. The materials she used were perfect for the task. They were complete, detailed but not overbearing, and easy to understand with very helpful charts and graphs to effectively convey the point. It was amazing how accurate the assessment was, at least in my case as my wife is a witness! She took the time to work with each individual, making sure that they understood the results of the assessment. She made the work fun and interesting. This is money well spent!” Dr. John Glassco, M.D., COO at Clarient Pathology Services “Thank you for the great workshop. Our team really appreciated the balance between presentation and discussion, and your courage in forcing us to communicate a deeper level than most leadership training experiences allow! Talent Journey’s assessment is great and enabled us to value each other’s strengths and understand where to leverage other team members. All of this, plus the coaching, brought our team to a higher level of cohesion and performance. We look forward to our next time together.” Kweli Thompson, Vice President, Global Marketing at Medtronic “Rarely do companies find a professional executive coach that can bring enlightenment and positive change to a company. That one individual for our dealership is Diane Kucala. She is a breath of fresh air, who is insightful, direct and committed. Her ability to pinpoint areas in need of change, recommendations to improve business relationships and how to strategically position your organization for future success is priceless. Her concentration on understanding our team, recommendations on how to be more effective leaders and instilling a motivational force to help propel us to success was greatly appreciated! Thank you Diane for your invaluable contribution, you are a rare find!” Kerry K. Kirby, Director of Human Resources at Toyota Carlsbad, Lexus Carlsbad and Lexus Escondido “I highly recommend our leadership business partner, Diane Kucala. I’ve brought Diane into several of our business units over the past few years. She always gets stellar reviews from my business partners (and me)! Diane is a highly skilled leadership trainer and facilitator. She uses a great combination of lecture, exercises and discussion to reveal fresh insights that bond teams for a common destiny. Our participants both greatly enjoy and immensely benefit from Blueprint Leadership’s trainings. I appreciate working alongside Diane and value her as a person and consultant in our business.” Toni Forsberg, Senior HR Business Partner at Medtronic “Over the years, Diane supported me and my engineering teams in a variety of roles, including as an HR expert, training and development guru and as a consultant to the business. Some of the most notable skills Diane brings to every interaction include: leadership competency, people skills, conceptual and integrative ability, and results orientation. She demonstrates exceptional skills in helping people contribute at their best. She is a sharp listener and great coach. I recommend Diane highly.” Mike Moeller, Vice President of Operations at Ellipse Technologies “I have found Diane to be a true professional and someone who really gets it. She listens to the client and responds with integrity with a focus on helping to change behavior through coaching. She is my first contact when I have a need for an external coach.” David Blake, VP of HR at University of San Diego (USD) “Diane combines extraordinary wisdom, rigorous integrity, and strong passion to deliver transformational results. She brings deep domain expertise in global talent and organization development.” Kenneth Morris, Vice President, Diversity at Guidant “Diane recently worked with my business partner and me to develop an internal Communications and Structural Plan. As the business climate has changed, we have had to adjust the way we work. Diane has an effective way of understanding the key issues and individual contributions, and then helping us outline what we need to do in order to utilize our abilities best. She took into consideration not only what we excel at, but also what we desire to do. This is a very important component where she “hit the nail on the head”. She helped turn a very stressful situation into a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Diane to any company who is interested in improving their company culture through better communication, increased teamwork/morale and a newly developed internal structure. By working with Diane, and truly implementing her recommendations, a company is prime to increase their overall bottom line!” Nicki Chipp-Harrison at Allied Information Resource, Inc., VP Product Development “Diane Kucala is the consummate human resources professional. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Diane has extensive experience in multiple HR disciplines including recruiting, training, team building, coaching and performance management. Diane’s commitment and work ethic combined with her broad human resources background make her an invaluable contributor in any organization setting.” Tim Kahlenberg, CFO at Ardian “Diane has provided us with very effective team leader developmental programs in the areas of individual skill assessment, leadership, and team effectiveness skills. She not only brings high energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to her training sessions, but also provides real world experience and solutions that further enforces and connects the training message with the audience. Her training provided us with real benefits and results.” Rick Ahern, Director of Assembly Operations at Dresser, Inc. (A GE Company) “Diane is a tremendous mix of knowledge and empathy. She can strategically see where and how leadership and employees can develop and leads them through a process to achieve those goals. This is all done with empathy and concern for the individuals in the process. It is this mix of expertise and care for the individual that creates that foundation for trust.” Helen Mitchell, Director Workplace Ministry at Saddleback “Diane has proven to be a tremendous voice of reason for me. She has shown a willingness to ask the tough questions helping me work through my personal blind spot). No one would have confused me with a weak manager or person prior to working with Diane, but our interaction provided a consistent reminder of my strengths and the confidence to use them.” D. Melton, IT Manager, HRH “Talent Journey has been extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of defining and setting goals in all areas of my life. The coaching experience has generated momentum toward these goals by motivating me to take action and create change. I have begun to see more clearly the greater purpose for my life in the variety of roles that I fill.” John Sullivan, Owner at Cross Train “Diane is a triple threat; Knowledgeable, Effective and Caring. She is an astute professional in the field and a creative and innovative consultant. Diane is results driven, looking to create lasting impacts for her clients and customers. I have worked with Diane on a number of initiatives and have come to value her dedication and commitment to the goals and desired outcomes of the project.” Jane Adler Dully, Owner / Principal at JDAssist, Inc.